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To dream the possible dream, smart phone edition

Deb Shinder at TechRepublic is dreaming the dream of hardware convergence is rich and epic detail (interviewees of The Setup, take note!). It's definitely coming on fast.

In my one mobile device dream, in addition to the phone, I would also pack a very thin portable screen between 7 and 12 inches that could display my phone’s screen wirelessly, so I could use it as a tablet. This accessory would be a multi-touch screen, but it would also be capable of accepting pen input like HTC’s Flyer tablet. The screen could also be inserted into a thin docking port to make it stand up, and a super compact wireless keyboard would work with it for laptop-like functionality. When I got back home, I could insert the phone into another dock that’s connected to a 24-inch monitor. Or, I’ll dream big and let it connect to three 24-inch monitors. The docking station would also be connected to a full-size ergonomic keyboard, a mouse, and a 2 TB USB hard drive where I could offload the data from my phone.

-TechRepublic, April 6, 2011

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