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Tumbleweeds and Windows Phone 7

Microsoft watcher Nicholas Kolakowski looks at some of the company's disclosures on its recent quarterly earnings, but notes the one topic that got zero attention:

Microsoft is still playing close to the vest in terms of breaking out Windows Phone 7 consumer-sales data. At this point, we have so many other official data-points -- unit sales from manufacturers to retailers, number of third-party developers registered, etc. -- that the absence of that consumer-facing data seems more and more conspicuous. And silence, remember, has a habit of making people think that something's not going well.

Microsoft's going to have to bite that bullet and release those numbers at some point. This isn't Kin, or even the Zune HD; they've put a lot of capital into pushing Windows Phone 7 into the world, and a lot of people (analysts, investors, journalists) are going to be expecting to see some sort of hard-number result at some point.

-Microsoft Watch, April 29, 2011

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