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Worker bees opt in a landslide for iPhone over Android

A new chief information officer at Clorox offered employees a choice of smart phones to replace their company-issued Blackeberries. The results:

The company has issued 2,000 smartphones, 92% of which are iPhones. About 6% of the smartphones chosen were Android-based while 2% were Windows Phone 7 devices.

-Computerworld, April 7, 2011


Posted by Aaron Pressman

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  1. You mean if people have a choice instead of only being able to select from carrier available phones they are choosing iPhones? ha

    I would like to see the market share break down for the under 35 crowd.

    • @Jeff: I wouldn’t expect under 35 to be meaningfully different from over 35.

      With Verizon on board and– maybe– T-Mobile falling to ATT, it becomes increasingly difficult to find any legitimate value proposition for buying Android phones. 4G? Who cares– that will change in a few months, most likely, and it’s not really such a big deal.

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