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Xoom sales glass half full version

With the recent estimate of only 100,000 Motorola Xoom tablets sold so far, most pundits see a flop in the making. But The Guardian's Charles Arthur sees it differently:

Now the next question: is that number good or bad? Sure, it's nothing like the iPad's first incarnation, where it sold 3m iPads in its first 80 days. (The Xoom has been on sale for about half as long.) But it feels absurdly premature to write it off. The Wi-Fi only version may be suddenly doing gangbusters (unfortunately there aren't historical graphs of the Android Market access graph); the 3G version might have been a dog (and given its much higher price compared to the iPad, that seems to have been the case; the Wi-Fi version is more keenly priced). There's plenty of life to be found in the tablet market yet.
-The Guardian, April 7, 2011 via Braden King 

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  1. 100 K sold is not bad at all for a grossly overpriced piece of junk whose best selling point was the Sci-fi like commercials. Still, I bet Motorola is glad they dumped their doomed mobile unit as a separate company recently (Motorola Mobility, MMI).

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