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You are not the average smartphone consumer

Software developer Dennis Forbes makes a point I've long wanted to make here. Marco Arment and other Apple fans who constantly denigrate non-Appel smart phone users don't know what they're talking about. Forbes recounts how his brother and a partner went to get smart phones and ended up picking a couple of Android models instead of the iPhone 4:

The normal consumer that makes up most activations doesn't read Engadget or Gizmodo. They don't argue with Fred Wilson. They don't take sides.

They simply want a smartphone that can let them efficiently use email and the web, maybe hit up Facebook and Twitter, take and view pictures and perhaps videos, and perhaps enjoy some casual gaming. That is the actual criteria (not "Apple or not Apple"), and its one where for clearly many consumers the decision tree leads to an Android device. For someone who wants a larger screen, or a smaller screen, or a keyboard, or various other options, it becomes the only choice, even if incidental.

-YAFLA blog, April 4, 2011.

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