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Android getting a 4G bump

Apple iPhone fans are in denial about the importance of faster "4G" mobile Internet capabilities. It is making a difference with ordinary consumers, especially with Verizon marketing the heck out of its LTE network, though it may not be a trump card by itself. If Apple really is going to introduce an iPhone 5 without it, the competitive disadvantage will grow. Canalys vice president and principal analyst Chris Jones notes:

He suggested that in the US the "4G" label - for higher-speed networks using so-called Long-Term Evolution (LTE) connections - could become important for sales. "We are starting to see some significant benefits from marketing high-speed networks to consumers in the US, as end users become more familiar with the performance and technical aspects of their smartphones. It's a trend that will inevitably spread around the world over the coming years as carriers upgrade their network infrastructures."

-The Guardian, May 4, 2011

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