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(Updated) Apple’s unsupportive tech support

Ed Bott has uncovered some disturbing practices at Apple's tech support unit. Employees are all but ordered not to be helpful if a customer calls about the spreading "Mac Defender" malware program.

If the software is already installed, support personnel are instructed to make sure all security updates have been installed using Software Update. They are then to direct the customer to the “What is Malware?” Help document using Finder. The final step is clear:

Explain that Apple does not make recommendations for specific software to assist in removing malware. The customer can be directed to the Apple Online Store and the Mac App Store for antivirus software options.

--ZDNet, May 19, 2011

And it gets worse -- Apple stores are also ordered not to help.

UPDATE: On May 24, 2011, Apple published a tech support note about to avoid and eliminate the malware.

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