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Google Docs as Chrome’s Achilles heel

Former Apple and Palm exec Michael Mace has been battling the Windows hegemony for decades. He thinks Google Docs is too far behind Microsoft Office for the new Chrome-powered laptops to catch on. The whole post and comments are worth a read.

So I love Google's idea.  Unfortunately, the Chromebook as currently defined is woefully unready to take on Windows.  It may capture some niches and verticals, but it won't have a major effect on the industry unless Google makes major changes to it.  And some of the biggest barriers to its success are inside Google itself.

-Mobile Opportunity blog, May 15, 2011 (via Harry McCracken)

For what it's worth, Mace hangs his whole argument on the idea that Google Docs can't compete with Microsoft Office. And while that may have been his personal experience, some big organizations have already switched and reviews seem divided over which suite is preferable.

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