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Google forced to follow Amazon on cloud music player

Google's talks with the music labels have been about as successful as making snow in the Bahamas. A year after "unveiling" a really cool looking music service that would have allowed wireless purchases and storage in the cloud, Google will roll out just a beta storage service that only works with music you first have to upload.

It's a pretty ugly fail for Android that will only look worse if Apple gets the labels on board for something better. Apple-istas are crowing and what can anyone say?

But, hey, at least YouTube is getting movie rentals.

Posted by Aaron Pressman

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  1. Apple will certainly get the labels on-board for something “better”, but the real question is whether it will actually be better.

    My suspicion is that the concession Apple is willing to make that Amazon and Google aren’t is the following: streaming music you already own to your devices must always be licensed and is *never* fair use. In other words, there will be no free tier (which matches up with the leaks we’ve heard that Apple’s service will cost money). Google and Amazon need the free streaming tier to (among other things) attract people away from iTunes. They also probably want an unlicensed zone where they can innovate without the labels having a veto. Apple, of course, doesn’t care about any of this. From their perspective a paid, add-on streaming service is all gravy and they’re perfectly happy with the music status quo.

    Personally, I think if there isn’t a free tier that Dropbox will win the streaming game in the long run, but we’ll see.

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