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iCame, iSaw, iCloud

A bit late on this one, but Apple makes it official and announced it will announce the "iCloud" on Monday at the company's annual World Wide Developer Conference. And with Steve Jobs in attendence, too. It will be absolutely fascinating to see what Apple has put together in its new "cloud" based offering.

Amazon and Google recently came out with Internet music lockers but with some annoyances because they didn't have licenses from the big record labels. Dropbox has a magical storage and sync service that far exceeds Apple's iDisk. Evernote has a dastardly clever note clipping and syncing service. And zillions of third-party solutions are out there for tracking and syncing other data like web site passwords, address book entries and podcasts.

In the past, Jobs has shown little fear of cannibalization when introducing new products. Will iCloud be as great as can be or will it be hobbled to maintain sales at the iTunes store?

Posted by Aaron Pressman

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