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Mystery patent holder Lodsys says Apple is licensed

(UPDATE, May 23, 2011: Apple tells Lodsys to buzz off)

A previously unknown patent owner, Lodsys, broke into the headlines last week. The firm sent letters to a bunch of iOS developers alleging infringement of ecommerce patents. Now the company has posted some explanations on a new blog.

Matt Brian over on The Next Web has a good analysis. And Brian focuses in on a key Lodsys assertion that Apple already "is licensed" (note Lodsys did not say how much Apple paid, if anything, for the license). If true, that puts the ball in Apple's court.

The assumption here is that because Apple is providing the technology, developers are exempt from patent licenses because the Cupertino-based companyis acting on their behalf.

If Apple did know about the patent and didn’t disclose it, does Apple have a large part to play in not adequatelybriefing developers?

-The Next Web, May 16, 2011

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