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The iPad is great for separating work and life computing

Using your work computer for all your personal computing needs? It's a bad idea. A really bad idea. In a decision by the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals the other day, the court upheld the firing of a teacher for using his work computer to look at porn (even though he was not at work). The usage violated the school's acceptable usage policy for the computer.

I wrote about this last year after the Supreme Court upheld the firing of a police officer who was "sexting" on his work-issued pager. Even if you never look at porn, acceptable usage policies contain all sorts of limits and prohibitions. Plus it may be impossible to recover your own digital keepsakes from the computer if your employer ever restricted your access or took it away.

There are myriad other reasons why you shouldn't live your digital personal life on your employer's equipment. And the iPad makes a great second computing device to use for all your personal computing and browsing.

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