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(Updated) Forbes has the scoop on Google’s subscription laptop offer

Update: it's all official now. New Chrome notebooks from Samsung and Acer will start at $349. Big companies will have a $28 per month option and schools $20 per month.

Quentin Hardy over on reports that Google will offer laptops running the Chrome OS to students for $20/month.Even assuming the laptops are decent, the $240 per year seems way too high for ordinary folks. The offering might be better suited for big companies and other organizations than need to keep a lock down on users, however.

Sounds like the insanely horrific problem with the CR-48 Chrome laptops -- which is that they become useless bricks without a live Internet connection -- has not been solved yet, however.

The greatest difficulty with Google Apps for now may be the ability to work offline, when temporarily disconnected from the Web. Google executives involved with the program said the company is very close to solving that problem, however.

-Forbes, May 10, 2011

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