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Amazon’s legal options and Apple’s retreat

Internet smarty and publishing expert Rex Hammock thinks the potential threat of legal action from Amazon was critical in forcing Apple to back down on its subscription rules.

That’s why I say, it is Amazon’s invisible hands that choked off the app tax. Apple knows the legal war chest Amazon commands could easily turn this issue into a protracted, expensive battle that, in no way possible, would Apple eventually win. Perhaps if we were talking about Apple dictating prices on video games, there could be some room for Apple to gain the hearts and minds of consumers (and jurors). But books? Apples mythical marketing machine may be able to make “agency pricing” look like something other than price fixing, but the previous rules in the app seller terms prohibiting different pricing off-app, is right up there with book-burning for independent booksellers and the readers who love them., June 9, 2011

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