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FT tries end run around Apple’s demands

The Financial Times has a great iPad app but the publisher isn't too happy about Apple's subscription rules. So the FT is rolling out a non-app app based on HTML5. You reach it via a web browser an it's not listed in the iTunes app store. Bobbie Johnson at GigaOm has more details and analysis:

Information companies are locked in a David and Goliath struggle against the technology industry, but yet they seem to capitulate at every opportunity. While the momentum is clearly with the likes of Apple and Google (the FT’s parent company, Pearson, is the world’s largest publisher — yet its $15.14 billion market cap is dwarfed by Apple’s current value of $311.43 billion) the truth is that defending their corner may be the only way for publishers to stop being crushed completely.

-GigaOM, June 7, 2011

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