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Happy claim chowder for DaringFireball’s Gruber

Back in April, Apple pundits were getting defensive about the "Post PC" era. Steve Jobs had started the discussion back in June, 2010, when he clearly explained that "Post PC" meant most people would no longer have a personal computer at all. Then at the iPad 2 introduction in March, Jobs was again touting the tablet as the harbinger of the "Post PC" era.

That prompted

1. A lot of criticism -- since the iPad still required a PC for many critical functions including activation, backup and system upgrades.

2. Super defensiveness from folks like John Gruber and Michael Gartenberg.

(M)ost commentators have completely missed the point… and likely failed Latin in High School as well. The iPad and other devices are not here to displace the PC (by which I mean all personal computers, whether they’re Macs or PCs running Windows). In fact, post PC means after PC, a new generation of products that build on the PC. What it doesn’t mean is sans PC, that is, without PC. The personal computer will no doubt be with us for a very long time… but that doesn’t mean we’re not in the post-PC world.

-Michael Gartenberg, April 10, 2011

I don’t think over-the-air backups or media syncing are coming soon. Wireless networking just isn’t fast enough. I’m not talking about Wi-Fi syncing over a local network to iTunes running on your Mac or PC — that may well be coming soon, but it wouldn’t solve the “how can these devices be ‘post-PC’ if they require a PC?” problem. We’re not talking about why the iPad needs a USB cable; we’re talking about why it needs a PC, period.

-DaringFireball, April 15, 2011

It seems these Apple pundits missed the boat on Steve Jobs actual message: Post PC means Post PC. As part of yesterday's announcements, Apple said iPads and iPhones would no longer need to be connected to PCs for much of anything at all. Activation, synching and backup will all be done via the Internet and the new iCloud service:

iCloud is so much more than a hard drive in the sky. It’s the effortless way to access just about everything on all your devices. iCloud stores your content so it’s always accessible from your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, or PC.* It gives you instant access to your music, apps, latest photos, and more. And it keeps your email, contacts, and calendars up to date across all your devices. No syncing required. No management required. In fact, no anything required. iCloud does it all for you.

Free gets you a lot.

When you sign up for iCloud, you automatically get 5GB of free storage. And that’s plenty of room, because of the way iCloud stores your content. Your purchased music, apps, and books, as well as your Photo Stream, don’t count against your free storage. That leaves your mail, documents, Camera Roll, account information, settings, and other app data. And since those things don’t use as much space, you’ll find that 5GB goes a long way.

-Apple press release, June 6, 2011

Sometimes defensiveness gets in the way in insight. The Post PC era is rapidly approaching and Apple's in the lead.


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  1. Thanks for posting claim chowder on gruber. The guy likes to think he has a lot of insight but he doesn’t really. And of course he lacks the intellectual honesty to admit he was wrong.

    It is great, once again, to see that Apple has seen over the horizon a bit. I admit that I’m still absorbing what happened yesterday, and I eagerly look forward to the software advancements made in the SDKs.

    I think the real impact of this post-pc vision will continue to elude all of use for awhile. For me, my iOS device is still an accessory…. I live on the PC.

    But I’m glad Apple is seeing further, and I expect we’ll see something confusing and confounding in September as well.

    In fact, I think when Apple does something or says something and people don’t get it– that’s a good sign that Apple is onto something real.

  2. There is a reason Gruber does not have comments on his blog.

    It will be entertaining to see how spins this into him being right (as always)! 🙂

  3. Not a bang against apple per say but I hope the clouds disperse. As many many security experts have rightly pointed out, cloud security is questionable at best. Not to mention wifi is not as ubiquitous as many of us would like to think so access would be limited given one’s local. With that out of the way I have been noodling with the idea of creating my own cloud using Linux. I’m guessing the same BSD innards would allow for the same level of functionality along with their sense of design for Apple. Maybe Apple will buy dropbox or the like. Who knows. At least I don’t profess to know what certain CEO’s are thinking. Nice blog.

  4. As far as I can tell, yesterday’s announcement supports what you’re quoting from Gartenberg – his point was that “post PC” doesn’t mean no more PCs. The announcement yesterday simply meant that Apple now considers the PC a device on equal footing with the phone and tablet rather than the “hub” of your media collection. That doesn’t mean no PCs, it just means the end of “PC era” where they were the central computing device. Being demoted to a peer isn’t the same as being deprecated as obsolete.

  5. Go ahead and put your faith in the cloud. When Steve and his friends at the RIAA and MPAA gain access to your photos, videos, music, they will have a seamless way to hammer you for more licensing fees.

    Post PC means “No Ownership”. It means perpetual recurrent licensing fees. It means “YOU” being the property of Apple, to sell to anyone willing to pay to know more about you.

    Fools rush in…

    • You have ZERO to base that on. There hasn’t been any hint of a TOS that says “what you push and pull is really ours”. FUD FUD FUD

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