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Head in the iClouds? An imaginary review

PocketLint has written a comparison of different Internet storage services:

As ever, we at Pocket-lint thought we’d best line up the five biggest cloud services from four of the big tech giants (and one very popular upstart) offering them. So, just in case you’re trying to make your mind up as to which way to go, here is Apple iCloud vs Google vs Amazon Cloud Drive vs Windows Live SkyDrive vs Dropbox.

-Pocket-lint, June 14, 2011

There's only one problem and it's a doozy. Apple hasn't announced the actual terms of its iCloud service and no one outside Apple has actually tried it. It comes with 5 GB of storage but what about after that? No one knows. And how about an ease of use rating? No one has used iCloud yet so how can anyone know how easy it will be? And file types? Another huge unanswered question, especially when Microsoft has not said if they will be supporting iCloud. So it's it's just silly to claim anyone can make up their mind about which way to go yet.

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