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iCloud not iSlamdunk

Despite all the hype about Apple's just-announced iCloud service, the company's track record with such Internet services is pretty poor. Timothy Lee at Ars Technica notes:


Corporate culture matters, and it changes very slowly. Every company is good at some things and not others. Apple is much better at building user-friendly devices than Google, while Google is much better at building scalable network services. The competition between them for dominance of the mobile OS market may ultimately turn on which of these skills proves more valuable to consumers. 

Steve Jobs is apparently hoping that iCloud will break Apple's losing streak on building cloud-based devices, and he's hoping that the tens of millions of dollars the company has poured into its gigantic new data center in North Carolina will make the difference this time. But he may be stuck with the strengths and weaknesses of the company he has built over the last 35 years. We wish him well, but we won't be surprised to see stories in the coming months about iCloud having performance and reliability issues.

-Ars Technica, June 8, 2011

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