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Nailed it

Daringfireball's John Gruber, in speculating about iOS 5 improvements, hits on my number one gripe about iOS 4. The basic set up on having screen after screen filled with identically-sized icons doesn't work very well if you use a lot of apps.

I don’t dislike iOS 4’s folder feature, per se. I create folders to stash away apps I seldom use but definitely want to keep. But folders haven’t solved the fundamental problem that it’s a frustrating fiddly painstaking process to organize even just a few dozen apps. I can’t help but wish for a homescreen revamp that’s designed from the ground up for a platform where users have dozens of apps installed, and are adding new ones all the time.

-DaringFireball, June 5, 2011

If Apple really changed this and offered something more like Android, it might be time to switch back.

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