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The eventual end of iTunes

As usual, Harry McCracken has the most sophisticated take on Apple's iCloud strategy. Harry doesn't confuse Apple's aims with what's best for the rest of us.

One of the many implications of the arrival of iOS 5 and iCloud is the sudden demotion (to borrow Steve Jobs’ term) of iTunes for Windows from an utterly essential piece of software to an optional bit of legacy code: it’ll be possible for an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad owner to use his or her device without ever touching iTunes. I don’t expect Apple to discontinue iTunes for Windows anytime soon, but I’ll bet it’s looking forward to the prospect. Once it’s weaned users off  the software, it’ll be able to do just that.

I’m not making the case here that Apple’s apparent lack of interest in browser-based apps based entirely on Web technologies is smart, just that it’s a logical outcome of the approach that defines the company. I still think that over time, most of the things we do with local apps will migrate into apps that live mostly on the Web. It’s possible that Apple will come to wish that it had poured effort into making the MobileMe Web apps richer and more widely used. But for now, it’s just being Apple–and that’s one thing that Apple is very, very good at doing., June 13, 2011

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  1. Apple is a hardware company. Makes perfect sense that they would de-emphasize web applications when they’re trying to sell you hardware that accesses your cloud data. It’s a dumb move if they stick to it but he’s right, it makes sense when you look at their style of thinking. You’re cutting into margins every time you touch that insanely expensive cloud on a non-Apple device. They’ll fight having universal access until their hand is forced, not unlike iOS 5.

    Hardware commoditization is coming and he who has the biggest and baddest ecosystem wins. Apple has a head start in media and is seriously lagging on everything else.

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