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Andy Hertzfeld helping overhaul Google’s look and feel

Former Mac designer Andy Hertzfeld has been at Google for the last few years, most recently helping design the circles interface for Google+. In an interview with Matthew Panzarino, Hertzfeld explains he's going to be taking on a broader mandate now:

Most of the time I was working on it, I was focused on the Circle editor and now I’m trying to work more broadly to try and make all of Google Plus as engaging as I can. You know some of it is identifying and fixing the problems and of course now we have a flood of feedback, so in the short term really our job is to just listen to our users and find the problems that you never could have…and this happens at every level, there is the server level, can we bear up to the load of millions and millions of users. But I’m especially concerned with the UI now that people have it filled with hundreds of people what are the pitfalls we really couldn’t see it until we have the user base and we are flooded with feedback. The exciting part is distilling that and very, very quickly, as quickly as we can, fixing various problems.

-The Next Web, July 17, 2011

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