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Apple iPhone share is dead in the water, like Henry said

Business Insider's Henry Blodget got kicked around all over the Apple-oriented blogosphere back on April 2 when he predicted that the iPhone's marketshare was "dead in the water." Surprise, surprise and despite the arrival of the Verizon iPhone, Blodget was correct.

Nielsen just released their report of second quarter smartphone market share. And how does the iPhone compare to its pre-Verizon position? Almost identical. In the second quarter 28% of smartphone users had iPhones versus 27% for the three months ended in January (the Verizon iPhone went on sale in February).

There are certainly some other important factors here, including that this survey is limited to phones and that because the overall market is increasing rapidly being "dead in the water" still means huge increases in iPhone sales volumes. And I'm not sure the smartphone market share analysis is enough to support Blodget's further argument that Android will become so dominant that Apple will suffer.

But, hey, you got to give Henry his due.

And what about Android? It's share jumped to 39% in the second quarter from 29% back in the January period.

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  1. Why do (many) Americans think that the US is the World?

    The iPhone’s 28% in the US is actually huge considering that only 2 mobile services in the US (with only about half of the total US subscribers) support the iPhone. Once all mobile services get the iPhone, which is rumored to be happening soon, we can expect a doubling of that percentage.

    Remember that the “w” in “WWW” stands for “world”. The US has only about 5% of the world population. In most other countries, all of the mobile services carry the iPhone. In those countries, the iPhone is easily in the majority of users’ hands.

    For example, I live in Canada which like many other countries has the iPhone available on all services. Here, almost everyone you see has an iPhone, and it’s actually not very often that you will see someone with an Android phone (or even a Blackberry for that matter).

    It is almost a given that once the US gets up to speed with everyone having access to the iPhone on their services, the US numbers will look more like all of the other countries that have that support and sell the iPhone ubiquitously.

  2. Second quarter is always slow for the iPhone, as Apple has released new models in late June or early July since 2007 – until this year. Expect iPhone sales to hold until the new model is released, probably in September. Then expect Apple’s best holiday quarter ever!

  3. Kind of wonder why marketshare is everything.

    Does Apple worry about the iPhone’s marketshare when it is making most of the money in the smartphone industry.

    Bro get real it is the money and not the marketshare that makes the world go round.

  4. And with the ITC/patent rulings going against HTC/android earlier this month but reported today, android market share could change drastically – The war has barely started. Android has no guarantee that anything will continue.

  5. Is that Apple I hear laughing all the way to the bank with 66% of the phone industry profits? 🙂

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