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Is Lion Apple Vista? Hearing it more and more (updated)

I'm starting to see more and more signs around the web of serious dissatisfaction with Apple's new Lion operating system. Way too soon to draw a firm conclusion but troubling.

Here's Miles Wolbe of the popular TinyApps web site in a post called Lion is Apple Vista:

Feels like a constant struggle with the UI, from the obtrusive scroll bars, to the clunky Apple Mail search, to the useless empty space at the top and bottom of windows when scrolling, to the iCal and Address Book train wreck... The last straw was an email spontaneously disappearing from the inbox (long after importing, indexing, and encrypting had completed) only to reappear a short while later. Really wanted Lion to work out, especially since FileVault's whole disk encryption was performing beautifully, with very little impact on system performance. Ended up going back to Snow Leopard after several hours.

TinyApps.Org Blog, July 27, 2011

UPDATE: Miles, who reminded me that I wrote about his site 10 years ago for Wired magazine, sent along a helpful list of others voicing similar concerns:

Mac OSX LION the Vista release of Apple?! by tech consultant Christopher Kusek">Mac OS Lion, the world's most magical operating system by I'm not sure who but he is not pleased!

Causing hair loss as you use your Mac one follicle at a time is a funny jpg image that I also linked to on Twitter and elsewhere the other day.

Mac OS X Lion: This Is Not the Future We Were Hoping For by Jesus Diaz at Gizmodo ("It breaks my heart to say this...")

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  1. THE WORST RELEASE OF ALL TIME! Not only does everything take forever to run and load but also stuff goes missing when I code due to this annoying duplicate file saving crap which does not work as it erases my programming in BBEdit as I save and go
    back to find hours of programming is missing. Safari crashes almost daily and is sluggish, Mail crashes everytime it safes a draft of an email I’m writing through Gmail, and even in MobileMe as well, yes I tested your system too Apple which also told me that I will no longer have iDisk due to your iCloud nonsense. Same crapola as Microsoft! Many of my software programs do not work even Adobe Digitial Editions (epub reader) no longer works, so I guess your ebook sales will drop from iTunes… A $30 Fee for Lion will cost you $,1,000’s in new software. I also bought Lion Server to
    test to see if its worth upgrading my line of Snow Lepoard Servers at my data center and they removed all the advanced stuff one needs to run a real web server, Apple seems to be outsoucing their programmers these days, good thing I did not upgrade my line of servers… Point blank pb==> I am not happy Apple. You call this progress? I Call it worst then the Windows VISTA Erra!!!!! Did you hire bill gates to write this release or are you just a Communist demanding people use their machines how you see fit? Vista enabled me to switch to a Mac in the first place! Now seems your following the dreadful downfall of overpriced hardware that runs bug invested crap like Microsoft!!! Hmmm… Linux is starting to look Good and its free! Steve Jobs wants to push an iPad to our laptops? No thanks… Keep it… Apple just created a Microsoft Happymeal box with an Apple Logo Stamped on it! God Help Us!!!

  2. Vista. VISTA? You DARE compare Lion with the pile-o-turd known as VISTA?!? The glorious Apple never releases anything as that’s even CLOSE to being as bad as the crapola from that behemoth of Redmond!!

    Actually, I think the complaints about Vista turned out to be just a bit overblown – I still have Vista, some small annoyances, but I’m still using it. So maybe Lion isn’t all THAT bad. Now if they start comparing it to Microsoft Bob…