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Let the Lion roam – wait two days to install (updated)

There's the usual hysteria and excitement the first day a new Mac operating systems arrives and today's gotta-have offering of OS X 10.7 aka Lion no different. "Get it, Lion rules," screams Jim Dalrymple in extra-large type. Software developer Daniel Jalkut is equally enthusiastic: "Get Lion." And on and on...

Here's the thing -- they may be correct that the Lion upgrade is worthy but their advice is 100% wrong. Do not install Lion right now. Wait. I'd wait at least a couple of days.


It's pretty obvious. Despite Apple's extensive beta testing and the excitement of professional software developers, many of you need your computers to just work for doing work. And that may involve a critically important piece of software, an less-than-cutting edge printer or some feature of the current Snow Leopard operating system that's not popular. EVERY SINGLE TIME Apple has released a major upgrade, the first version had killer bugs or previously unknown interactions for some users. A small portion, to be sure, but killer bugs.

Wait 48 hours, check Macintouch. Then install. You won't be sorry. Plus, your download will probably go much quicker.

This is the same advice I've been doling out for years and it's been correct every time. In April, 2005, it was to wait on Tiger. Tiger broke networking in Virtual PC, messed up Final Cut Pro on some set-ups and k-o-ed HyperCard in Classic mode among other problems.

Two and a half years, for Leopard, it was "Not today, baby." And sure enough, Skype was among many other the casualties.

Lions eat guinea pigs for breakfast. Don't be one today.

UPDATED 7/25/11:

Plenty of further problems have surfaced for users of Microsoft Offfice, Adobe's Creative suite and other apps, many brands of network-attached storage and on and on. Also, famed 5by5 podcaster and Ars Technica writer John Siracusa's much-ballyhooed review of Lion makes this same point when it (ever so slowly) reaches its conclusion:

Don't just run out and upgrade your system as soon as you finish this review. Lion's digital distribution makes hasty upgrades even more likely. Patience! Take a few days—weeks, even—to research all of your favorite applications and make sure they all run fine on Lion.

-Ars Technica, July 19, 2011


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