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Steve Jobs truthiness

Programmer and blogger Zach Holman notes that Apple's Facetime video conferencing standard remains closed, even though Steve Jobs said more than a year ago that it would be submitted as an open standard immediately.

I love Apple. I love Apple so much that if someone gave me a bulletproof vest made out of MacBook Airs, I’d strap it to my back and take a bullet to my chest to protect my precious aluminum friends. But Steve’s lying to us when it comes to FaceTime., July 27, 2011

I've had a back and forth, at least blog post-wise, with folks like John Gruber about the benefits of all the closed, locked down networks Apple has started, which now include Facetime, Ping, and iMessaging. As a user or as a consumer, I would be much better off if these communications and social standards were more open and multi-platform.

Why? The value of a network is enhanced by the number of people on it. Apple limits which hardware and software and you can use, so the value is greatly diminished. You can only Facetime or iMessage with people using Apple phones or iPads. If tou have friends with other devices, of which there are literally tens of millions just in the United States, tough noogies.


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