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Apple beats Samsung on a single patent in Amsterdam

Apple successfully convinced a judge in Amsterdam to ban sales of Samsung's Galaxy S, S II and Ace smartphones in much of Europe the Netherlands on the basis of a single patent covering scrolling through photos. The preliminary ruling, which could be changed after a trial, rejected Apple's allegations about other patents and general design copying. The ruling also rejected all violations regarding Samsung's Galaxy Tab. Reuters has excellent coverage here, not that I'm biased.

OSNews is reporting that Samsung could alter its photo app to avoid the sales ban. Their report also includes more detail about the ruling and the various "prior art" that convinced the judge to reject the bulk of Apple's claims.

Later this week, a German court will hear arguments over its preliminary ruling barring sales of Samsung's Galaxy Tab in Germany. That case is primarily about the design, or look and feel, of the Tab versus the iPad.

Posted by Aaron Pressman

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