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That old Steve Jobs touch missing in parts of Lion

Branding and marketing expert Ken Segall who worked with Apple and next back in the day, has detected something severely missing from some parts of the new OS X Lion:

Look a little closer at Lion and you’ll see a secret message from the highest levels of Apple:

During previous medical leaves, Steve was still running the show. This time, he’s stepped back to allow others a larger role. Get used to it.

Honestly, it’s hard to draw any other conclusion when (A) Steve has always been intimately involved in approving the design and function of OS X, and (B) a few of the more visible decisions in Lion look nothing like the Steve we know.

-Observatory blog, August 2, 2011

Click through for Segall's examples and see if you agree.


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  1. I have not upgraded to Lion yet but will soon. The multi touch features on the trackpad is really slick.

    Apple has such a dominant product lineup now they are going to slowly but surely cannibalize the entire hardware world.

    For $2k you can have an IMac $1,200, iPad $500, iPhone $200, Apple TV $100 and for free iCloud will keep them all in sync and reduce your memory requirements on all devices.

    The game is over and they destroyed everybody. iOS is still outgrowing the entire Android ecosystem even before iPhone 5 and Sprint/T-Mobile distribution.

    Anybody who is not massively long AAPL is financially illiterate.

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