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Android overtakes Apple in Europe

Not sure how the Applistas will fit this into their world view, but latest Comscore numbers show Android smartphones overtaking iPhones in major European markets last quarter.

Nokia’s Symbian now hold a 37.8% share of the market, down 16.1 points from a year previous. Google’s Android platform accounted for all of Symbian’s loss, posting 16.2 percentage point growth to increase its share from 6% to 22.3%.

Apple’s growth was slower, rising from 19% to 20.3%, almost mirrored by RIM in fourth position with growth of 1.5 points to hold a 9.4% share. Microsoft saw a loss of 4.8 points, but will be attributed to the fact that Windows Phone hadn’t launched in the region in July of last year.

-TheNextWeb, September 13, 2011

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  1. Easy, they’ll claim that market share is no longer a valid metric and say that it should be based on profitability instead.

  2. Don’t worry, the iPhone on Sprint will solve everything 😉

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