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Apple’s Mac App store rules hurting some customers

No doubt this will become a bigger issue as time progresses, but Apple's strict policies limiting apps in its Mac App store are already starting to bite customers. To be allowed into the Mac App store, software has to avoid using a whole bunch of features or capabilities. For many programs, the limits are workable and improve overall security.

But there are no exceptions, which is hurting makers of some top utilities. Agile Software decided to cut off some features from its 1Password program in order to get into the Mac store. That may result in higher overall sales but it stinks for customers.

With version 3.9, 1Password also makes its debut on the Mac App Store, which, according to a company spokesman, will become the app’s exclusive distribution method going forward. Unfortunately, this has forced Agile Bits to introduce several changes in the way the software works in order to comply with Apple’s App Store rules. For example, 1Password can now only interact with Dropbox under very specific circumstances, and features a number of limitations on the locations in which it can store its files and the ways it can back up its data.

-Macworld, September 9, 2011

Mac newsletter author Michael Tsai has also written about the removed features.

This is certainly a case like the iOS subscription rules where Apple could easily undo a lot of the harm by tweaking its policies. Jason Snell suggested just that in the front editorial in Macworld magazine a few months back (though I can't seem to find the piece online).

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