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Developers follow Android’s rising popularity

Sean Captain at Fast Company explains in depth how Android's rising popularity is luring more developers, including some who are going Android-first or Android-only with their apps.

For years, the Android smartphone operating system stood as the neglected stepsister aside the iPhone’s radiant, beloved iOS. Tens of thousands of suitors--app developers including large corporations and rising creative talents--hurried first to build something for iOS phones. Only belatedly, if at all, would they build something for Android devices.

Today, like the once-dejected heroine, Android is the belle of the ball, with developers as her Prince Charming. They have realized that Android is now at least as important as iOS--and sometimes more so.

-Fast Company, September 14, 2011

Click through for the rationale developers offer, particularly on the gaming side.

It's also yet another example of how a staple "fact" in the debate between Android and iOS is changing fast. Apple's controlling ways in its app store are becoming more of a hinderance as Android gains market share. The tactics that succeeded when iOS was the dominant next-generation smart phone platform may be less successful as the ground shifts.

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