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Droid Bionic’s speedy speed (Updated)

Wired's Michael Calore got his hands on the new Droid Bionic phone Verizon is releasing tomorrow. Short summary? He likee:

I can tell you, it is very fast. The user interface is extremely smooth and responsive. I’d expect nothing less than awesome performance, as we’re currently closing the book on phones with less than a dual-core chip and a gig of RAM, but the Bionic really stunned me with how snappy it is.

And the 4G speeds here in San Francisco only heighten the experience. YouTube videos load in just a few seconds, even for HD clips. Websites load extremely fast (even!) and the JavaScript-heavy pages I tried, like mobile Gmail and Facebook’s mobile site, were as smooth and responsive as native apps.

-Gadget Lab blog, September 7, 2011

Update: In a much longer review, gadget guru Joshua Topolsky is much less impressed at the $300 price level, citing poor battery life, some software bugs and other flaws.

This is not the killer handset that I think a lot of people were expecting it to be — it’s a good phone on a great network that will keep you satisfied… for now. As usual with Android phones, there always seems to be something else just around the bend, and you’ve got to figure out if you’re going to take the next exit, or keep on trucking. Let’s just say that the Droid Bionic isn’t a bad place to pull off and grab a cup of coffee.

-This Is My Next, September 7, 2011

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