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Kindle Fire a win for the Android ecosystem

Apple bloggers have put out some serious spin on Amazon's new $199 Kindle Fire iPad competitor. As often happens, it's in need of serious corrections.

They've tabbed Google as a loser, since Amazon is using Google's Android operating system for free but without including any of Google's many apps that bring in advertising dollars (and maybe licensing fees?) for the search giant. I'm not sure we know enough yet to draw that conclusion, as Amazon has not revealed anything about the default search engine on the Fire, and that's where Google makes its real money on smartphones, including the iPhone.

But Apple fans and some analysts go even further and claim that the entire Android ecosystem is a loser, since Amazon cooked up its own proprietary version of the operating system. That makes no sense at all. Everyone who owns an Android device will benefit if the Fire is a success. Even though the Fire runs a custom version of Android, it still runs Android apps via Amazon's app store. More Fire owners means a bigger overall audience for any developer who writes an Android app.

And given Amazon's prowess at getting people to pay for things -- especially compared to Google -- I'll bet that Fire owners will spend far more on apps than an average Android device owner. So more demand and more revenue for Android apps? That's a big win for the Android ecosystem.

Posted by Aaron Pressman

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  1. Apple’s iPad has close to 130,000 native apps; they would have sold over 50 million iPads by the time a single Kindle Fire ships.

    Really, the odds are stacked against the Kindle Fire.

    And that’s not taking into account iCloud- this will make all Android devices look like feature phones.