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People who prefer Android

If you got all your information about smart phones from software developer Marco Arment, the former mouth of Brooklyn, you might think the only reason people end up with a Google Android phone  instead of an iPhone is ignorance.

Of course, it's not true. Like buyers of Apple's iPhone, Android phone buyers were convinced by advertising or features or price or looks or capabilities or whatever. Some may have been relatively ignorant, some more informed. Some remain quite loyal, others may want to switch.

Ingrid Lunden has some of the latest survey data from NPD that makes the point, at least as of the second quarter of this year:

Figures out today from The NPD Group’s Connected Intelligence service, which surveys U.S. consumers, largely confirm what other analysts have been telling us: Android is bringing home the bacon when it comes to smartphone purchases, accounting for at least half of all smartphone purchases in the last three quarters.

Android also scores as the most “preferred operating system” among current smartphone owners and those who intend to buy a smartphone. And NPD says it generates the most interest among consumers, both from those already using Android devices and those on other platforms. Example: one-third of current BlackBerry owners say they want Android devices the next time around.

-PaidContent, September 20, 2011

It is important to note that this kind of survey question, which purports to be forward-looking, isn't really all that predictive. I'd say it's more of a snap shot of brand reputations at that moment in the smart phone wars. But consumers aren't very good at predicting how they will act in the future, especially given that big changes like the debut of the iPhone 5 and the arrival of the iPhone on Sprint are just ahead.

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