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The stories they tell themselves

Fascinating experience getting a link over from John Gruber and then many comments from fans of his DaringFireball web site. Overall, they are a more talented and well-mannered bunch than the comments that typically come in from links on MacSurfer or Hacker News. My favorite comment came from a guy named Bob:

Looks like you’ve got a great summary in your comments of the stories that Gruber readers like to tell themselves. You should write an article about that.
e.g. Android forks account for large amounts of sales, non-phones account for large amounts of sales, bargain basement brand’s you’ve never heard of account for large amounts of sales, Android on dumbphones(?), iPhone outselling all Android phones together on AT&T and Verizon.
None of these things line up with the numbers (some don’t even make sense), but you’ll find them bouncing constantly around the echo chamber, probably started or amplified by Gruber or Asymco. (There’s still people claiming the A4 was a unique Apple advantage based on Gruber’s nonsense. You simply can’t talk people out of that one. Apple’s magical supply chain advantage seems to be mostly Gruber’s invention too.)

-TOV, September 13, 2011

I've actually been saving up some of the crazier comments arriving from Mac fans for just such a post. Stay tuned.


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  1. Well, here’s another one for your list: I’m not sure how you rebut 66% (and growing) of the industry profits going to a single company.

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