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Apple’s dumb patent war

There's a growing consensus, even among folks who usually take Apple's side, that the company's patent assault on Android is a bad move. It's obviously bad for consumers, including iPhone owners, as the litigation hampers competing phones and reduces Apple's incentives to improve. It's also a weak and detrimental way for Apple to maintain its top dog position, as Horace Deidu explained in today's edition of the Critical Path podcast:

The best defense is a good offense. The best way to protect yourself is to move forward and cede the ground you've conquered already by just finding more ground to takeover. Eventually, that's a better strategy. It's going to force you to fight for new customers and more growth.

How much time do you think BMW execs spend worrying about how frequently Hyundai rips off their designs? Remember, what's good for Apple's legal department isn't good for you.

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