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Bad, bad sign on new Galaxy Nexus phone

Vlad Savov is one of the first reporters who's been able to actually get his hands on the new Google/Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone -- the one announced last night with the giant screen, 1.2 GHz dual-core processor and the very latest 4.0 "Ice Cream" version of Android. He mostly liked the phone but then you hit this jarring passage:

As to overall performance, we saw a good deal of stutter in the Galaxy Nexus before us. Taps were not always recognized and there were occasional delays in performing an instruction, though in Google’s defense, it was a phone fully loaded with running tasks and the software is being continually improved and optimized (i.e. it’s not yet fully baked). That having been said, it unfortunately remains the case that Android isn’t as swift and responsive as iOS or Windows Phone (or even MeeGo Harmattan on the N9). Or at least it wasn’t on the demo phone we got a look at. The subtle, pervasive lag that has characterized the Android UI since it inception is still there, which is not a heartening thing to hear when you’re talking about a super-powered dual-core device like the Galaxy Nexus., October 18, 2011

That is pretty alarming if it turns out to be accurate on the shipping models next month (and it's the kind of bad press that companies sometimes try to avoid by not letting reporters touch new devices -- cough -- Amazon -- cough, cough).

Apple-oriented pundits like John Gruber are already making hay with this one.

Posted by Aaron Pressman

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