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iCloud iFiasco

More and more reports of the "fiasco" that is iCloud. At Macintouch, the reports of problems and limitations go on and on:

"If it works at all on a Mac, which I cannot vouch for, Apple's non-existent instructions offer no help."

"It's official...full day one and iCloud Mail kaput for many : ("

"So far, iCloud has been a fiasco for me."

And that's after the initial set-up snafus, as John Martellaro notes:

In fact, Apple has a long way to go in becoming a master of the cloud. Apple might have approached this differently if it had a history of excellence in the enterprise. But Apple’s semi-dissing of the enterprise over the years, for the sake of relentlessly moving forward in its area of expertise, means they didn’t walk the walk of the cloud — where it was hard and mission critical for the enterprise. That difficult endeavor would have provided much needed expertise that Apple could have exploited to make it easy for the consumer.

A lot of people are surprised to discover that using iCloud on a Mac requires the just-issued 10.7.2 version of OS X, while Windows users can access iCloud with Windows 7 or even Windows Vista, an almost five-year-old OS.

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  1. iCloud works as advertised for me. The crowds made if a little tough to get started as the servers seems to be overloaded. However, everything is working just fine!

  2. The big drawback with iCloud is that even if you have an apple id and you have mac devices with Lion 10.7.2 you cannot sync iWork documents between your mac devices. In a nutshell, if you do not have any iO5 devices you cannot sync documents between your mac devices. So either you forget about iCloud for document syncing or you spend money buying an iPhone, iPad or iPod even if you do not care for such toys. Apple’s development of iCloud is completely iO5 centric and, thus, it is deliberately deceptive when it claims that in a matter of minutes you can have all you info in all your devices regardless of whether they are mac devices or iO5 ones. We have just crossed the threshold where mac only users will be treated as second class customers from now on.

    To prove that I have found the following “help” by signing in to iCloud from Safari. To the right of the sign out on the upper right ther is an ? for help. If you clikc that you access iCloud’s manual. If you click documents overview, this is what you get:

    Documents in the Cloud overview
    iCloud keeps your documents up to date across all your iOS devices and on Every time you edit a Keynote, Pages, or Numbers document on your iOS device, your changes are automatically available on your other iOS devices set up with iCloud and on the web at

    You can download your iWork for iOS documents from to your Mac or Windows computer in iWork ‘09 (Keynote, Pages, or Numbers), Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Word, or Excel), or in PDF format. You can also drag and drop new documents created in iWork ʻ09 or Microsoft Office to, making them automatically available on your iOS devices. See Get documents stored on for a list of supported file types.

    To set up iCloud on your iOS devices and computers, you need to turn on Documents & Data preferences for each device and computer. For more information, go to Set up iCloud on your devices.

    Access your documents from a Mac or Windows computer
    Go to and sign in using your Apple ID (the one you use with iCloud).

    If you’re already using another application on, click the iCloud button (or press Shift-Esc on your keyboard), and then click iWork.

    When accessing, make sure you use a recommended browser.

    For more information, click a topic on the left or type in the search field above.
    — – – – – – – – – –

    So there you go. If you do not have any iO5 device, you are a second class customer.

  3. It just works for me as advertised. No problems so far. And as a MobileMe user, I have now my extra 20GB along with the 5GB for free that came with iCloud. And I like the interface alot more than the one from Mobile Me.

  4. I think iCloud is being rolled out as slowly as Apple can manage because they are conscious that there may be issues related to loading that may crop up. Siri and speech-to-text are 4S features only right now, but the reason isn’t that an older phone is too slow, since most of the work isn’t being done on the phone, but I believe they’re trying to keep the customer base small, like down to 1 million new customers per week for a while. If they allowed 4 and then 3GS customers, the user base would skyrocket. This affects the Mac-only crowd also.

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