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iCloud reviews finding fault


Overall, iCloud's a little too wispy—too filled with gaps and not-quites and almost-awesomes, to be the start of the post-computer epoch just yet. Again: it's a convenience service. A limited one that's free. But something that's meant to ease shouldn't come with its own frustrations.

Gene Steinberg:

I’m concerned about the fact that Apple has removed some of MobileMe’s sync features, which include Mail accounts, preferences, and even Dashboard widgets. Then again, these features tended to be flaky. In addition, although iCloud requires a Mac running 10.7.2, it’ll work fine with any relatively recent version of Windows after you install a special iCloud Control Panel. So in this case, Windows users are getting a better shake, whereas Mac users have to buy an OS upgrade or, if they have a Mac that can’t run Lion, or an application that won’t work with Lion, do without.

In the end, Apple’s iCloud gamble may indeed pay off. I hope it does, and I appreciate the fact that the basic services are free. But for now, color me skeptical.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: These are reviews of iCloud since it actually launched to the public. Some of the pre-launch reviews, like the Wall Street Journal's, now look laughable for overlooking glitches and ignoring the question of how well the service would scale.)


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  1. Once again Apple figured out a way to screw up everything even though I had moved all my email and calendars off their bad Snow Leopard Server to an Exchange Server. I upgraded to IOS 5 and converted my account to iCloud and low and behold iCloud managed to remove all my tasks, contacts and calendars from my Exchange server. So i figured, hey, maybe all the data is stored on the cloud. So I tried to login and all I get is a stupid message saying that I need to setup iCloud on one of my devices before I can log in with that id. Well.. already did that. Man am I glad I picked Apple. I am done with Apple. I would use stronger words but then my post would be removed. Anyone thinking of buying anything from Apple should think twice. There is a reason Apple is not used in the business world – you cant trust their software. This is the last time they will burn me. I have lost tons of data in the past because of them. I have put my Macbook Pro, 2 Macbooks, 3 iphones, 2 ipods and iPad on Ebay this morning. STAY AWAY FROM APPLE!!!!!!

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