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Legend Passing

A terribly sad day in the tech blogosphere with the death of Steve Jobs. I’m wearing my black Gap sweater, Levi’s jeans and New Balance running shoes. And I did not shave.

Lots of great things to link to, starting unsurprisingly with John Gruber's Universe Dented, Grass Underfoot.

I’ve been looking for a good piece by someone who knew Jobs really well but haven’t found one yet. The closest I’ve come is this revealing piece by Wall Street Journal gadget reviewer Walt Mossberg recounting his many encounters with Jobs over the years, The Steve Jobs I Knew.

In the category of “I once met Steve,” I most liked this post by actor Harry Shum, who is currently starring on Glee: My Steve Jobs story.

And amongst those inspired by but never met in the flesh, John Siracusa has a sweet recollection, Steve Jobs: A Personal Remembrance.

Finally, I did a short analysis of Jobs as a businessman over at my day job, Steve Jobs: Agent of Change.

When Jobs resigned as CEO in August, I posted Underestimating Steve Jobs, impossible as that sounds.

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