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Louder voices calling for Apple to relax App store rules

Apple's Mac app store has long been criticized for banning a host of useful apps and even requiring some developers to remove important features from their programs to qualify. The rising tide of complaints now includes Jason Snell, the top of the Macworld editorial pyramid, with this op-ed today.

While developers can always opt out of the Mac App Store, they’re reluctant to do so. Not only are they afraid that Apple will one day make new Macs unable to run apps that don’t come from the App Store, but they realize that if their competitors are in the Mac App Store, they risk losing sales. It’s generally too expensive to develop two separate versions of an app, so the net result of tighter App Store restrictions could be that Mac apps everywhere—on and off the store—will actually become less powerful.

-Macworld, October 2, 2011

Posted by Aaron Pressman

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  1. Not so loud. Here he is making the same argument about the iPhone last year:

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