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Samsung taking it to the man

The lack of change in the iPhone's outward appearance has competitors going on the offensive. Samsung was quick up with a comparison site, as Matthew Humphries reports for

Competitors looked on, and in some ways are probably quite relieved this isn’t a phone that offers anything ground breaking in terms of new hardware. In fact, Samsung was first out the gate to demonstrate why the iPhone 4S isn’t being seen as a threat at all.

Samsung’s best Android smartphone so far is the Galaxy S II, and it is being used as a counterpunch to the iPhone 4S. The company has produced a comparison chart that points out exactly where the Galaxy S II already supercedes Apple’s latest handset., October 5, 2011

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  1. Interesting to see that, despite all these years, Samsung still doesn’t understand why people buy the iPhone.

    Maybe they need to hire some new management? Or invest in a little market research?

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