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Time to stop quoting patent blogger Mueller

Patent analyst and Google critic Florian Mueller may or may not be a useful resource for keeping up with the smartphone patent wars. But he's not the kind of objective analyst who should be quoted in news stories. Jeff Roberts did a mini-investigatipn after Mueller disclosed recently taking money from Microsoft. Roberts got Mueller to admit he's also taken money from consulting clients he cannot disclose. Roberts concludes:

Mueller may have perfectly good reasons to consistently zing Android—he’s far from the only pundit that has consistently strong views about a particular company. But given his financial relationship with that company’s archenemy—and the fact that Microsoft has a history of “hiring” outside experts to attack the competition—it’s hard to regard him as a disinterested party.  The time has come for Mueller to amend the conflict of interest disclaimer on his blog and for the media to cease citing him as an impartial authority.
-PaidContent, October 18, 2011

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