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Welcoming the competition

Dustin Earley at Android & Me is excited about the new iPhone:

The iPhone’s release on Verizon didn’t hurt Android in the way some analysts predicted. And there’s a good chance a Sprint iPhone won’t have a devastating impact either. Apple is merely putting more pressure on Google to stay focused. With the pricing of handsets, choice of carriers and huge variety of form factors, Google and Android will continue to do great if they continue down the path they’re on.

That includes focusing on a wide availability of devices (please don’t release the next Nexus only on Verizon!) and competitive pricing. Google is going to close 2011 out with a bang. And whether you like it or not, Apple has helped push them to do it. Fierce competition has pushed Google to constantly work on how they can make their products better for us, the consumers. Don’t expect that to stop anytime soon.

-Androidandme, October 4, 2011


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