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Amazon is expanding, not forking, Android

I may have to keep repeating this one until I'm blue in the face, but, once more with vigor: Amazon's Android-powered Kindle Fire tablet is a good development for Android, good for all Android users and good for the Android ecosystem.

Today's evidence comes in a press release from Amazon about the many Android apps that will be available on "Day One" for the Fire, expected November 15. Amazon says "thousands" of apps will be available including many biggies like Facebook, LinkedIn, Zillow and -- of course -- Angry Birds. Also significant to note that media apps like Netflix, Pandora and Rhapsody will be available even though they compete with Amazon's own content offerings.

But the real key is compatibility. Contrary to the claims of some pundits, Amazon has not created a new and incompatible version of Android, or in the parlance of programmers, forked the Android code. As the press release notes, any app purchased for the Fire will be available to download onto other Android devices that customers may own via the Amazon app store app.

That means the audience for Android apps will grow as the Amazon Fire catches on and, particularly given Amazon's prowess at getting people to pay for stuff, so too the audience for paid downloads.

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