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More evidence Kindle Fire competes with iPad

Another consumer survey, this one from Retrevo, finding that ordinary folks are in fact shopping the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet against Apple's iPad. More than two-thirds of the people surveyed are considering buying a tablet this holiday season with only 31% saying they have no interest.

Out of the remaining 69% who are interested in buying a tablet or possibly learning more about them, 44% of them would be willing to consider a smaller, 7-inch Amazon Kindle Fire. At the same time only 12% say they wouldn’t even consider anything other than an iPad. With this much “acceptance” of a smaller tablet and the large price difference, conditions seem right for the Amazon Fire to become a hot item this year.

-Retrevo blog, November 9, 2011

The whole survey is worth reading. It also validates a saying we have in our house: a family with one iPad is a family in the market for a second iPad, a family with two iPads is a family...etc.

Given that the lion's share of existing tablet owners in the United States own iPads and not Android devices, the survey's finding that 27% of such folk are considering getting a Fire and only 20% an iPad provides further proof that head-on competition is occurring.

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  1. Completely unscientifically I’d go with this. I’m a dyed in the wool Apple fan but I’ve never considered buying an iPad largly due to a combination of cost plus the fact that I don’t really have a need to fill the gap between my iPhone and my Macbook, I’ve also never wanted an Android tablet because my experiences of using them has been pretty poor so far.

    This however could easily change with the release of the Fire. The stripped back version of Android it provides combined with the cheapness (in monetery terms, not quality) of the hardware makes it an tempting proposition to have a tablet lying around the house for those quick web browsing moments when I can’t be bothered to open up the laptop and the small screen on the phone just won’t do.

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