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Mossberg reflects

Walter Mossberg has been reviewing gadgets and computers for a couple of decades. I'm not a huge fan of his whining approach and I think the Wall Street Journal would benefit from a fresher voice. So when I read this in the opening of his column today:

I began writing these Personal Technology columns 20 years ago, in October 1991, with the aim of reviewing computers and other digital products for average, mainstream users.

I immediately thought: this it, the swan song, the last goodbye, riding off into the sunset. But, no, he just wants to wow you with a brief trip down memory lane:

So, this week, I decided to take a look back at some of the game-changing products that appeared in this column over the past two decades and propelled us from that primitive landscape to today’s interconnected digital world.

Oh well, some day my prince will come -- or should I say leave (and maybe take Pogue with him).

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