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Spotlight on Amazon to fix Fire’s miscues

O'Reilly Media's Joe Wikert, who has been blogging about Kindle-related stuff for about as long as I have, makes an excellent point about the importance of software updates for the new Kindle Fire tablet. Amazon was lackadaisical at best in updating the software on the old Kindle ereaders.

My point is that it doesn't appear that Amazon dedicates enough developer resources to their Kindle platform. That may have been acceptable in the eInk, dedicated reader days. After all, most customers only expected their eInk Kindle to do one thing and do it well. With the Fire though, Amazon has now entered the tablet arena and the expectations are different, particularly since they're pushing so many cloud-based content consumption options (e.g., music, video, etc.)

-Kindleville Blog, November 16, 2011

Posted by Aaron Pressman

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  1. Personally, I expect the Fire to get a substantial update reasonably soon, but Amazon’s developer resources will have relatively little to do with it. Google addressed many of the complaints in the reviews with Ice Cream Sandwich, so I expect Amazon to upgrade their codebase fairly quickly (at least one tech journalist claims they are already working on it).

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