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Android, it’s a gettin faster, faster than a rollercoaster

Interesting debate the other day fueled by a former Google intern who wrote a long post on Google+ about why Android's user interface was less smooth than Apple's iOS due to some inherent design decisions that would be hard to change. But it may be irrelevant, as Eric Lai argues:

Hypothesis: Even if handicapped by a lack of real-time rendering thread, Android’s screen lag can be reduced to the point that, for all intents and purposes, it matches iOS or Windows Phone 7 in perceived smoothness.

Experiment 1: Does ICS on Galaxy Nexus run smoothly?

Result: Yes, by an overwhelming 9:3 margin, according to professional reviewers.

Experiment 2: Does the more-powerful hardware of the Asus Transformer Prime overcome the stuttering Honeycomb UI?

Result: No, by an even more overwhelming 6.5:1.5 margin.

Conclusion: Throwing faster processors at Android isn’t what solves its stuttering problem; its improvements in ICS. Improvements that appear to have banished the lag problem, even without having apparently rewritten its rendering engine, as Munn argued must be done.

-ZDNet UberMobile blog, December 8, 2011


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