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Apple’s Thunderbolt hoarding hurt users

It's been about 10 months since Apple added the super fast Thunderbolt port via an exclusive deal with Intel. And in all that time, besides Apple, almost no peripherals makers have offered Thunderbolt compatible add ons. There is a grand total of one external hard drive available and it costs over $500.

The reason is obvious -- Apple's exclusive deal opened the door for more and more PC makers to opt for the competing USB 3 connection, leading to a much larger potential audience for USB 3 stuff. There are tons of hard drives and other gadgets available for USB 3 users.

Now comes news Intel is supposedly loosening the exclusive. Odd how this news comes just before the originally rumored one year exclusive was set to expire. But, regardless, it's very good news for Apple users who have been stuck with Thunderbolt and denied USB 3.

Posted by Aaron Pressman

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