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Gauging disappointment – another iPhone estimate hike

As the fourth quarter moves forward and sales of the iPhone 4S continue to look strong, Wall Street analysts are noticing. As I've argued before, the only way to measure if the 4S is a "disappointment" is by comparing actual sales to predicted sales from before the "disappointing" form factor was disclosed. But that means we have to track mid-quarter updates, too.

J.P. Morgan bumped up its projections for shipments of Apple's iPhone in the December quarter to 28 million units, revising its revenue estimates for the company accordingly to $38.69 billion.

Analyst Mark Moskowitz issued a note to clients on Thursday announcing the revised estimates, noting that "Santa's sleigh needs more room for iPhones." Whereas the firm's previous estimate was 25.3 million units, he now predicts iPhone shipments of 28 million for the holiday quarter.

-AppleInsider, December 1, 2011

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